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A discussion on the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Some organizations develop because they want to help the certain community in this world, after the war and devastating catastrophe. UNICEF and WWF were two such organizations which help the less developed community and try to bring world peace. Red Cross is an organization that provides relief to the soldiers that have been injured and try to raise funds to help research about unknown diseases to find a cure. IFCJ reviewsBut the organization International fellowship of Christians and Jews is built to support Jews to once again take their head up. Jews have always been discriminated and looked down upon. Christians have always exploited Jews and mostly kill them for their disbelief in Jesus Christ and Christianity. Even in the war, this community was targeted highly. So the goal of the organization is to bring balance between Christian and Jews. To do so one must try and understand each of the community. To successfully implement such plan the organization has been created in such a way that director can be chosen from both the community and express their view.

This organization also raises funds to support the growth of the Jewish community. IFCJ reviewsThe founder of the organization is Yechiel Eckstein. He noticed the chaos and thought to take an initiative to stop both the community from conflicting. With a noble cause, Yechiel first builds this organization naming Holyland fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ reviews). The headquarters are built in Chicago and Jerusalem in Israel. With such innovation, the organization worked out well in the age since 1983. In these past years, the organization had a Golden time. In the year 2019, 6th February Yechiel died. His daughter Yael was promoted as the President of the fellowship. The organization has achieved some of the goals and received an award for Special Contribution to the Welfare of the people of Israel.