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Authority at IFCJ Eliminate the Question

 The need for an impartial assessment program for charity houses was becoming more and more necessary. The reason being the number of money laundering scams is getting reported on a regular basis.

Though, few of this reported scamming news are mostly generated to tarnish the image of a particular program. It further fueled the need for a Charity Assessment system to remove the fraud charity houses whose main aim was to launder money from everyday people.

Who does all the assessment? 

The assessments are mostly done by a third-party group who has no relation with the organisation so that partiality does not creep in the report. Recently, two of the leading names which always come up when we talk about charity assessment are BBB and Charity Navigator.

The Assessment report:

The IFCJ ratings provided by both BBB and Charity Navigator were successful in squashing the question that was starting to creep in people’s mind. The assessment reported that the program is one of the cleanest charity homes that are operating in Northern America. The Charity Navigator in their IFCJ rating gave a whopping 81 marks out of possible 100 or 2 stars out of possible four which can be regarded as quite a performance as the benchmark for these assessing companies are quite high.

The Charity Assessment also stated that it is one of the most well-ran fellowship programs with little or no chance of budget skimming. The system in place for budget approval and other official matters is quite transparent and free from any corruption.