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Be Honoured as Midshipman and Wear the USNA Class Ring

In the history of naval academy class ring the name of the Naval Academy of United States or USNA deserve special mention. The academy’s most iconic representation is the class ring. While speaking of class ring the name of the museum under US Naval Academy deserves special mention. An elegant display of exquisite rings at the entrance of the said museum garnishes the wall.naval academy class ring

The glorious symbol of the academy:

These rings are actually those precious symbols that are given to the museum authority by the family members of the students after their demise. The year 2013 is very special in the history of navy class ring.  The class that belongs to this year have emerged as the permanent group of graduated students.

These students deserve special mention in wearing the class ring and the incident is a mark in the past 150 years. This chapter in the history of US Naval Academy is a glorious one. It ended with looking at the glimpses of the history of us naval academy class ring. A hymn concerned with navy was also arranged in honour of the fallen graduates by the Men’s Glee Club under Naval Academy.naval academy class ring

The Class Ring and its importance:

The Naval Academy class ring has been a symbol of utmost importance over the years. It signifies an honourable and successful completion of the navy course concerning instruction and receiving a diploma by the Naval Academy.

 To the graduates the classy ring becomes a symbol of devotion and loyalty as well as honour to their duty in accordance with the uppermost tradition of their service thereby answering to the demands of the officers.

 During their second year each student acquires a class ring. This ring was modelled and designed by the Class Ring on the basis of contract. The Crest committee also played a vital role in this regard.