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Brief Insight on Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula is a visionary who joined Eni back in 1997 and is currently their presiding chairman. Born in 1962 at Cagliari, Roberto Casual completed his educational career with a graduate degree in Mining Engineering in 1988. His first professional venture was with Agip Spa where he was designated to the post of Reservoir Engineer till 1991. After having worked for Luanda which is a subsidiary of Agip Angola Ltd, he returns back to Italy in 1997. He kickstarted his ongoing professional career with Eni and during his initial years, he served as their Production and Development Co-Ordinator. From there on his professional career has grown with every passing year as he climbed up the ladder of corporate world and is now Eni’s residing chairman.roberto casula eni

Positions of responsibility

He handled a lot of positions of responsibility with the group. His first major break was as a Manager of Project Technical Services for supervising the activities of his group in Iran in 2000. In the following year, he served as the project director of Gas phases 4-5 in Giant South Pars. In 2004, he managed Mediterranean Idrocarburi Spa of Eni as the project director. By 2007 held positions of higher responsibility by serving as the Senior Vice President in Sub-Saharan Regions and also as the president of three subsidiaries of Eni Abuja in Nigeria. With his vast experience and knowledge as the Executive Vice President, he began his career as the Officer of Technology and Development Operations of Eni Spa in 2014.roberto casula eni

Corruption allegations and untimely leave

Recently he Roberto Casula Eni was being charged over corruption allegations and he had taken leave of absence as Italian Oil major. He was being questioned on allegation reports in Congo Republic as well. But to clarify his decision on taking leave he said that it had nothing to do with corruption allegations. He was confident of his high esteem which he holds over business and colleagues.