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Contact ETA Service for Australia Electronic Travel Authority Support

Most people understand that visa is the only travel document that is required to travel to some other country because they might not have heard of Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), a document which is issued in lieu of visa. ETA is not to be misconstrued as visa because this document is quite different to visa in structure and functionality. Electronic Travel AuthorityETA is required for any visa-exempt foreign nationals who are traveling to Australia, and even in the United States. The document was introduced under applicability of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) and the objective was to fulfil the need of hassle-free travel document for short-term tourist/ business travelers. Truly, their number is far more than any other type of travelers.

How to be helped for Australia ETA

As soon as you decide to travel to a country that allows visa waiver, say Australia, Electronic Travel Authority is strongly recommended to apply, provided you fulfil its conditions. You must have your ETA approved before the entry. Electronic Travel AuthorityIt is easy to apply by a simple online method. Your ETA will electronically be connected to your passport, but you must ensure that your passport has an approved ETA document before you make your travel plan. To apply online, you can seek help of the Australian Government’s website for ETA or contact your travel agent to know the details.

How Australia ETA Service can help

There is not much trouble when you want to apply for ETA, but you can seek application filing help from Australia ETA Service (ETAS). The facility of ETA application filing is available 24×7 all the year round at a nominal service charge for application. You can also seek answer to your queries pertaining to ETA through consulting. This is a good option for visa-exempt foreign nationals, as no charge is taken for making queries. Every service is provided through e-mail. If you intend to apply for ETA, you needn’t wait and contact ETAS for necessary help.