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Effect of E-cigarette on Body’s Immune System

Most people have a psychology that e-cigaret is absolutely safe, but the effect of electronic cigarette vapors has been studied in few recent researches. In a research study published in a scientific journal ‘Frontiers in Physiology’, the effect of these e-væskevapors was studied on two types of white blood cell. These cells, the monocytes play a critical role in our immune response to inflammation. The results indicated that flavors of electronic cigarettes are also toxic; some flavors are even worse.

Electronic smoking is friendly

The propaganda for e-cigaretter and outcome of the scientific study, stated above, has no match. It is true that electronic cigarette is the good way to help people who have willingness to quit conventional cigarette smoking. It is not easy to quit smoking, but switching over to electronic cigarette offers a great relief from hazardous effects of cigarette smoking. Electronic smoking is two-way friendly; it is user-friendly and environment-friendly, but not as safe as deemed to be.

Bad effects of non-nicotine chemicals

Unraveling the intricated effects of using e-cigarettes, or “vaping,” one thing is observed that non-nicotine chemicals also cause ill health effects. E-cigarettes may e-væskehave adverse cardiovascular effects, like slowing down of heart rate, as reported in couple of scientific studies. The cause of ill effects is still under investigation. E-flavoring chemicals have found to be associated with oxidative stress, causing a series of damaging effects such as increased toxicity, damage to our DNA, or even cancer.

E-cigarettes and our immune system

The above discussion is important from the perspective of critical effects of e-cigarettes and flavoring chemicals used in e-væske in cartridges of these devices. The scientific studies are taken as true evidence of the effects of electronic cigarette use. We have an understanding from outcomes of scientific studies that a relationship exists between e-cigarettes and our immune system. This fact shouldn’t be skipped from mind before starting use of e-cigarette.