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ETA visa, what NOT to do

When it comes to applying for a visa to visit Australia or for that matter, any nation, it is important that you review all the conditions and requirements that apply. And if www eta immi gov auyou happen to reside in a nation that has been categorized as a visa exempt nation by Australia, then you can head over to ‘www eta immi gov au’ and apply for the same online. It is vital that you meet all the current requirements and conditions as they apply, so that your eta application is approved without further delay.

What not to do, when applying

When you are applying for an ETA visa, the first thing that you must not to is to travel to Australia until and unless your ETA has been approved. Your passport which would have been linked to the ETA would be checked at the entry point and only after a confirmation of a valid ETA, you would be allowed entry into the www eta immi gov aucountry. You must be factual and honest, when answering questions during the ETA application process. It is vital that you do not seek to hide any pertinent information since it can cause your application to be rejected.

What not to do, when In Australia

Once you have entered Australia, you need to realize that you are subject to the laws of the land and need to behave accordingly. And that means that you need to respect the local traditions, mores, laws, and do not cause any incident. You should not drive, since you would not have a valid driver’s license and furthermore, you need to ensure that you do not cause any disturbance. It is important that you follow the local laws since going against the same can lead to your ETA being cancelled and to you, being put on the next flight home.