Cidadede Bocaina
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Frocentric: The Platform to Transform Black Communities

The black society has ever been suppressed in the world. Till the time, the concept of Afrocentrism was introduced, The Africans had a lower status in the society. This term was coined in 1962; the Theory of Social Change dates back to 1980. The need for such a concept was created by African experiences with incursion, subjugation, enslavement, colonization, and neo-colonization. frocentricThere was complete logic behind introduction of this term. The concept was developed to use the strengths of enduring cultural unity as weapons for liberation and tools for building a new world order. The racism caused a great setback for Africans because black communities are most common in African culture.

Development of black communities

Long back, Africans were deemed to be inferiors and they were usually put to lower jobs. They were also kept as slaves by the white communities in the European continent. There were lot of challenges of professionalism in African culture. The development process was slower in black communities because these communities were lacking in professionalism. frocentricRacial discrimination had impeded the development process of blacks in the past, but developing societies were able to overcome this challenge. The changed thinking of modern society also helped in the escalation of black communities. The impact of racial discrimination was reduced in subsequent generations.

Frocentric and professionalism in blacks

A new era of professionalism is a boon for black communities. The professionalism is on a new high level as black communities have progressed over years. The white communities have also changed their attitude towards black communities. The social media networks have great role in transforming black communities. Take an instance of frocentric, a social interactive platform for black professionals, an online meeting place for them, and to organize events for black professionals. is a comprehensive site that includes all events that are important for black professionals. This platform offers all facilities from organizing an event to attending the events.