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How Social Connections can Help a Subscription E-commerce

Social connections can be very helpful these days to reach out to prospects so that a meaningful dialogue can be created. This has been amply demonstrated by Blake Orlandi, the COO of “Book of the Month”. He has taken the organization to great heights by carefully nurturing it and providing customers with reading options that are varied in nature. Although the company has been there for long its recent successes can be well endowed to the steps that were taken by him.

A good mix of experience coupled with smart marketing moves by Blake Orlandi has helped the firm to position itself among the leading players in the sector. There are some particular ways in which the marketing has progressed to date, some of which are discussed here for understanding.

  • Attending events and conferences – Since the beginning, Blake Orlandi has been quite vocal and supportive of conferences and events that support subscription-based revenue systems in the e-commerce space. Initiatives like the Insight Exchange Network has been quite effective towards meeting this end as many different types of ideas are exchanged on the platform that can be very beneficial for a business. Moreover, different verticals like media, retail, business services, SaaS, etc. can participate in it to gain exposure and be connected with a reliable platform.

  • Social media can also be very helpful – “Book of the Month” is not at all hesitant in utilizing social media for reaching out to its customers and prospects. The COO has his belief in the medium because it has been quite helpful for the business. Subscription e-commerce model is a relatively new entity in the market and hence adequate information is needed for it that can only be leveraged through the social media successfully.

The organization has displayed how social media and connections can be helpful for a subscription-based e-commerce business so that many others have also taken a note of it.