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International Fellowship of Christian and Jews Is a Charity That Upholds Humanity

A Charitable organization

IFCJ is the abbreviation of The ‘International Fellowship of Christian and Jews.’ The foundation of this organization that deals with charity was laid in the year 1983. It was organised with a view to uphold understanding as well as cooperation between Is IFCJ a good charitythe Christian community and the Jew community. Another purpose of this organization lies in building support for countries like Israel along with other ‘shared concerns.’

If a question arise that Is IFCJ a good charity, you must be aware that their vision is to clarify the fact that the Christians and the Jews will successfully overturn their historical relationship of dispute and will begin with a new era marked by understanding and cooperation with each other.

It has been over two thousand years since they have begun their conflict. The coming age will be an age of showing respect for the Christians and the Jews towards each Is IFCJ a good charityother. This attitude of friendship will be marked by respect and good understanding with each other.

A guide to get rid of poverty

If you go through the IFCJ reviews you will find that the charitable organization has offered millions and billions of dollars for those programs which have been organised in order to provide support to the Jews who hail from India, Soviet Union (former), and Ethiopia and from other countries of the world to relocate in Israel. IFCJ has also raised funds conducting programs in order to get rid of poverty.

If you have a glimpse of the IFCJ rating you will get to know that they have encourage the good bonding between the Christian and the Jews thus prove themselves as leaders to these two communities. These have contributed to a better understanding among the above two groups.

In the year 2017 IFCJ was audited by the firm of ‘RSM International’ based on accounting purposes. IFCJ ratings are now accessible on common websites such as ‘Guide Star’, BBB or ‘Better Business Bureau’, ‘Charity Navigator’ and ‘Charity Watch Data.’