Cidadede Bocaina
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Networking for Blacks: Black Professionals Network on LinkedIn Vs. Frocentric

Networking is a socioeconomic business activity by which business people and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships. This helps in creation of business opportunities by recognizing people’s abilities, and sharing information and thought among professionals. The big businesses seek potential partners for their business ventures by interaction through networking. Many businesses have their job portals on these networks because these are good platforms for headhunting.

 Black Professionals Network (BPN) on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social media network platform for professional interaction. Look for Black Professionals Network (BPN) on LinkedIn! This is professional training and coaching site of North Miami, Florida. It is a good interactive platform for black professionals in Atlanta and in other states of United States. They can sign up on this professional interactive platform and follow regularly for activities and events. They can upgrade to premium membership to avail more benefits of its membership. This platform offers advantage of interacting with 450+ companies through premium membership.

Frocentric for black professionals

Frocentric is also a good platform for black professionals in Atlanta. This platform is also easy to join without a membership fee and offers access to professional networking events for blacks. It is rather better for blacks, though LinkedIn is more professional. Frocentric is more focus on blacks compared to Linked which has no community specification because professionals from all communities interact through LinkedIn. Frocentric is more centric on blacks. So, it could probably be good for blacks and African-American communities.

LinkedIn vs BPN

Joining on Black Professionals Network (BPN) on LinkedIn offer more advantages of professionalism compared to joining on However, frocentric offers better way to communicate with black community. It won’t be appropriate to say which out of the two is best because both platforms have their own values for blacks. It depends whether someone has a focus on professionalism or community. Both platforms can be tried for benefits of both professionalism and community interaction.