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How Independent Firms Helped IFCJ Reviews Salvage Their Reputation?

The need for reviewing and auditing charitable firms were becoming more and more critical due to the massive rise in the number of fraudulent activities in such organizations. A few years back, an allegation was raised against Rabbi Epstein and Is IFCJ a good charityhis fellowship program IFCJ where it got reported that they were laundering money using the program as a front.

The need for third-part firms to review organisations like IFCJ:

This further established the need to set up the third party assessing program who will review such non-profitable firms and rate them based on their efficiency. The IFCJ ratings provided by several independent firms stated they are one of the best programs dedicated to charitable and squashed all money laundering accusations.

The IFCJ reviews provided by firms like Charity Navigator and Charity Intelligence Canada spoke very high about the program and appreciated their well-structured system in place inside their organizations.

The fellowship had built quite a reputation over the years, but the allegations against Is IFCJ a good charitythem raised question like Is IFCJ a good charity or not which was not good both for their status and conducting their day to day operations. The money they generate through donations was significant as their reserve cash is not good enough to run the firm for a few months.

The internal hierarchy at IFCJ:

The IFCJ rating provided by CIC was quite generous if the high reviewing parameters are taken into consideration. They further stated in their report that for every dollar donations, they spend sixty-eight cents on charity. The cash reserve in their treasury is good enough to run the program for a few weeks.

The assessing firms heaped a vast amount of praise on their internal structure. The Board of Directors stays in office for a time of two years, and then a new set of people come to take their places. During their stay, the directors make all the budget-related decisions unanimously.

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Great Mission of IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline for Elderly Jews

Community partnerships are doing great jobs to serve the mankind. Not all people are settled in their life. In some parts of the globe, there are people belonging to some community that are financially weak and are not able to meet their basic needs also, for example, Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU). They need a support to raise their family and fulfil basic needs of their children. Remember, a community always develops from a society and the latter develops from families. When families in a certain community are feeble, the community will not progress.Is IFCJ a good charity

JDC and its partnership with IFCJ

The discussion in above paragraph elaborates the mission of charity which is well served by the IFCJ. The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, also known as the Joint or the JDC, is a Jewish relief organization that was founded in 1914 that partnered with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews long time back and successfully moved forward with the mission of social welfare. This collaboration expanded to extend support of larger population.

IFCJ expansionIs IFCJ a good charity

Read IFCJ reviews to know scope and objectives of this charity organization. IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline is a new extension to the mission of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Fulfilling food, medicine, and medical care needs of destitute elderly Jews across the former Soviet Union is the main mission of this extension. The IFCJ rating has apparently been increased with this extension.

Mission of IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline

There are many elderly people who still live in tiny apartments in the former Soviet Union and are in critical need of food and medical care, but there is no one to take care of their everyday needs. Is IFCJ a good charity? Obviously, because its mission is explicit which is also a proof of IFCJ ratings. IFCJ Food and Medicine Lifeline will change life of desperate elderly people in FSU. They will have at least some support to survive. IFCJ rating will further improve with its mission.

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Why Has IFCJ Become Famous As A Charitable Organization?

In the internationalground, IFCJ is a name connectedstrongly with the serving of the poor Israelis and the development of the bondbetween the Christian and the Jewish societies. In spite of having its chiefcenter in Chicago, the organizationhas an immensereputation in numerous Asian, European, and Latin American countries also. The causes of such enormousfame are:

Is IFCJ a good charity


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in 1983 with the intention of taking onhumanitarianventures in support of the Jewish group of people and toencouragea friendly bond among the Christians and Jews.

As confirmed by one of the IFCJ reviews, it was the plan of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the leader and originator of the institute, to reduce the longstandingantagonism between these two communities and fetch a positiveshift in their relationship. The majorfocal point of the assembly was the politically muddled Israel and the basis for which the IFCJ ratings have forever been excellent is that they pursue a mission of serving the poor and vulnerablepopulation of this nation.


Is IFCJ a good charity

Differentfrom several other religious liberalgroups, the Fellowship does not deliver wordy speeches but implements practicalstrategies to help the needy. Missions like Guardians of Israel, On Wings of Eagles, Isaiah 58, Stand for Israel, and more were triumphant in their anticipatedtasks and collectively they were helpful in attaining a first-classIFCJ rating. People who are provided with their services mainly include:

  • Economically backward
  • War-sufferers
  • Refugees
  • Underprivileged Jews
  • Agedcitizens

Due to these reasons, if one explores “is IFCJ a good charity” on the internet, it is expected that he/she will get basically positive answers.

If you are willing to know more about the organization, please visit their official website now.

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The Building Block Series of IFCJ and Its Journey

In his talk, IFCJ Reviews posted about what Eckstein thinks, believes and sees the past, present and future of the working of his baby foundation, The Fellowship.

Back in 1983, 36 years ago, when the conditions of Jewish people and Israel people were as worse as it stands today, or maybe even worse than the present, the philanthropist and social worker, Rabbi Eckstein founded the organization to put his best foot forward and help them. It was not a singleton approach, rather it was a call for all those noble men, cities and countries who wished to extend their helping hand.IFCJ ratings

Today after almost 3 decade and a half later, the Fellowship or well known to the world as IFCJ is still in its unpaved, dedicated and thriving path of help. It is not a social or political help, the vision and mission over bars the limited definition of help to look high and dream of religious freedom in Israel.

The past years around the globe, especially in places like Israel where Jews have been ill-treated, the organization puts his best efforts to come to the rescue of the needy.

Is IFCJ a good charity? What kind of help does it provide?

IFCJ and its dedicated mechanism strive at bridging the gap between Christians and Jews, hence its name, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. While aiming at the same, it tends to call for help to raise money which is thereafter directed towards helping the latter.

It is not only about providing food to the poor, but working towards securing the homeless, needy, orphans and million other victims. Its program also includes Aliyah which aims at bringing Jews from all over the world back to Israel and help resettling there.IFCJ ratings

IFCJ Ratings

With millions of funds raised every year, from donors and helpers, the Fellowship is quite known for its transparency in work, financial matters, reporting and preparing its Annual Reports. Charity Navigator, in 2018 gave a 3 star review, an 86.5 score out of 100 as the IFCJ Rating.

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International Fellowship of Christian and Jews Is a Charity That Upholds Humanity

A Charitable organization

IFCJ is the abbreviation of The ‘International Fellowship of Christian and Jews.’ The foundation of this organization that deals with charity was laid in the year 1983. It was organised with a view to uphold understanding as well as cooperation between Is IFCJ a good charitythe Christian community and the Jew community. Another purpose of this organization lies in building support for countries like Israel along with other ‘shared concerns.’

If a question arise that Is IFCJ a good charity, you must be aware that their vision is to clarify the fact that the Christians and the Jews will successfully overturn their historical relationship of dispute and will begin with a new era marked by understanding and cooperation with each other.

It has been over two thousand years since they have begun their conflict. The coming age will be an age of showing respect for the Christians and the Jews towards each Is IFCJ a good charityother. This attitude of friendship will be marked by respect and good understanding with each other.

A guide to get rid of poverty

If you go through the IFCJ reviews you will find that the charitable organization has offered millions and billions of dollars for those programs which have been organised in order to provide support to the Jews who hail from India, Soviet Union (former), and Ethiopia and from other countries of the world to relocate in Israel. IFCJ has also raised funds conducting programs in order to get rid of poverty.

If you have a glimpse of the IFCJ rating you will get to know that they have encourage the good bonding between the Christian and the Jews thus prove themselves as leaders to these two communities. These have contributed to a better understanding among the above two groups.

In the year 2017 IFCJ was audited by the firm of ‘RSM International’ based on accounting purposes. IFCJ ratings are now accessible on common websites such as ‘Guide Star’, BBB or ‘Better Business Bureau’, ‘Charity Navigator’ and ‘Charity Watch Data.’

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Brief Insight on Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula is a visionary who joined Eni back in 1997 and is currently their presiding chairman. Born in 1962 at Cagliari, Roberto Casual completed his educational career with a graduate degree in Mining Engineering in 1988. His first professional venture was with Agip Spa where he was designated to the post of Reservoir Engineer till 1991. After having worked for Luanda which is a subsidiary of Agip Angola Ltd, he returns back to Italy in 1997. He kickstarted his ongoing professional career with Eni and during his initial years, he served as their Production and Development Co-Ordinator. From there on his professional career has grown with every passing year as he climbed up the ladder of corporate world and is now Eni’s residing chairman.roberto casula eni

Positions of responsibility

He handled a lot of positions of responsibility with the group. His first major break was as a Manager of Project Technical Services for supervising the activities of his group in Iran in 2000. In the following year, he served as the project director of Gas phases 4-5 in Giant South Pars. In 2004, he managed Mediterranean Idrocarburi Spa of Eni as the project director. By 2007 held positions of higher responsibility by serving as the Senior Vice President in Sub-Saharan Regions and also as the president of three subsidiaries of Eni Abuja in Nigeria. With his vast experience and knowledge as the Executive Vice President, he began his career as the Officer of Technology and Development Operations of Eni Spa in 2014.roberto casula eni

Corruption allegations and untimely leave

Recently he Roberto Casula Eni was being charged over corruption allegations and he had taken leave of absence as Italian Oil major. He was being questioned on allegation reports in Congo Republic as well. But to clarify his decision on taking leave he said that it had nothing to do with corruption allegations. He was confident of his high esteem which he holds over business and colleagues.

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All you need to know about Roberto Casula


Roberto Casula is a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon who was registered as a surgeon on 8th of May, 1993. He has primary medical qualification in Medicinae Doctor (MD), Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (FRCS), Fellow of the European Board of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeons (FETCS). Roberto Casula treats people belonging to the adult category. He does not treat children. He is acquainted with the Italian language and he continues to practice in the Hammersmith Hospital.roberto casula

Roberto Casula’s background and present day details

Roberto Casula completed his studies from a Medical University in Italy named Padua University Medical School. After completing his graduation he went for his post-graduation. He decided to post graduate in surgical skills in United Kingdom and after that he was appointed as a consultant position in the year 1998.

He has gained knowledge during his practice sessions and now is an expert in multiple surgeries which include the minimal invasive surgical operations on tricuspid, mitral and aortic valves, repairing valves and their replacement, bypassing of coronary artery in both traditional and off-pump way, surgery of atrial fibrillation and many other complex operations. With numerous practicing and knowledge about these kind of operations, he has mastered all of them which requires tremendous skills which is greatly admirable.

Mr. Casula is now carrying on certain programs on research and publication. The particular field that he has chosen to carry out the research and publication is robotic and minimal invasive cardiac surgery.roberto casula


Mr. Casula has been successful in grabbing skills of surgery in his graduation and post-graduation education which has caused him to master in these fields. Also it requires a lot of passion and determination to master in several organs since one has to keep a lot of things in mind while operating and no mistake is acceptable

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Getting prepared for heart surgery

When the heart problem you have is beyond repair and you need to get it operated either through the minimally invasive process or a traditional open heart surgery, you must understand that there are a lot of things you should give due consideration to in order to ensure that the surgery, as well as the post-surgery recovery period, is smooth and  trouble free.roberto casula

 The steps you should follow

Before surgery

 It would indeed be devastating to consider that you would have to undergo heart surgery more so when it is open heart surgery. But,  it is indeed better to get the heart repaired and lead a better and healthier life rather than having to live with the problem . when you are sure that you are in the able hands of expert  surgeon like robber casual who has the expertise as well as experience, you can set aside the sadness and start getting yourself prepared to undergo the surgery mentally and physically

Getting prepared.

Your cardiac surgeon would advice you to quit smoking and give up the use of alcohol. The cardiac surgeons with experience would put your mind at ease easily by letting you know how the surgery would be performed and the care they would be giving you at each stage making it easy for you to understand and feel secure.roberto casula

 Hospital admission and surgery

This involves adhering to the formalities laid down by the hospital following which the cardiac surgeons like robert casula would visit you and provide you with the precautions and preventative guidelines before they operate on you.

 Post- operative care

 The surgeons would then suggest a post-operative schedule that would depend on the recovery rate. They would monitor your conditions regularly and suggest discharge when they are satisfied with your progress.

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A one stop center for mobile accessories

In the contemporary times, it has become essential by virtual laws to carry a smartphone in the pocket, in order to tackle with so many problems that may arise out of nowhere. These problems, are surely related to the life scenarios of the person being put under consideration, but the fact that remain intact is there are problems. Problems may come from any sphere of life, and as it happens to be, mobile phones tend to come up with solutions in every instance. movilcrack.comTherefore, the smartphones are smart enough to understand the prevalent conditions and give assistance to people, in the niche of communication, studies, work and employment, and general knowledge as well. Hence, there can be no other niche to think of where the usage of mobile phones cannot be traced with ease.

However, what may happen to the person whose mobile phone needs some kind of additional equipment or products to keep itself active, is a tough imaginative scenario for most of people. is a place where all kinds of solutions to the problems which mobile phones encounter can be found at ease. At movil crack, an all rounding section of mobile accessories such as tempered glasses, mobile back cover, earphones, headsets, chargers, adapters, USB cables, magnifier and cleaning kits can be purchased from. The variety they do possess always tends to answer and support the saying of: you name it, we have got it. Not only they do procure all kinds of accessories, but these are available for different models of different makes. Therefore, at movilcrack, a person can find whatever he has been looking for so long, with the sole motive of enabling the phone to perform some additional functions and operations, and at last making the life a bit easier.

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Effect of E-cigarette on Body’s Immune System

Most people have a psychology that e-cigaret is absolutely safe, but the effect of electronic cigarette vapors has been studied in few recent researches. In a research study published in a scientific journal ‘Frontiers in Physiology’, the effect of these e-væskevapors was studied on two types of white blood cell. These cells, the monocytes play a critical role in our immune response to inflammation. The results indicated that flavors of electronic cigarettes are also toxic; some flavors are even worse.

Electronic smoking is friendly

The propaganda for e-cigaretter and outcome of the scientific study, stated above, has no match. It is true that electronic cigarette is the good way to help people who have willingness to quit conventional cigarette smoking. It is not easy to quit smoking, but switching over to electronic cigarette offers a great relief from hazardous effects of cigarette smoking. Electronic smoking is two-way friendly; it is user-friendly and environment-friendly, but not as safe as deemed to be.

Bad effects of non-nicotine chemicals

Unraveling the intricated effects of using e-cigarettes, or “vaping,” one thing is observed that non-nicotine chemicals also cause ill health effects. E-cigarettes may e-væskehave adverse cardiovascular effects, like slowing down of heart rate, as reported in couple of scientific studies. The cause of ill effects is still under investigation. E-flavoring chemicals have found to be associated with oxidative stress, causing a series of damaging effects such as increased toxicity, damage to our DNA, or even cancer.

E-cigarettes and our immune system

The above discussion is important from the perspective of critical effects of e-cigarettes and flavoring chemicals used in e-væske in cartridges of these devices. The scientific studies are taken as true evidence of the effects of electronic cigarette use. We have an understanding from outcomes of scientific studies that a relationship exists between e-cigarettes and our immune system. This fact shouldn’t be skipped from mind before starting use of e-cigarette.

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Making Effective Use of a Supplement for Health Benefits

GlucoSmart is a blood-sugar control supplement which can be effectively used to stabilize sugar control, reduce hunger, and promote weight loss. The ingredients in this supplement are d-chiro-inositol 600mg and chromium 2.2mcg which is an effective combination to achieve the goal for which this supplement is recommended. glucosmartThe dosage may vary from individual to individual, based on body weight. Remember, this supplement has some side-effects, especially stomach problems, prominent in the kick off stage and initial two weeks. But you take it for its effectiveness.

How would you choose a supplement?

There are other examples of supplements that may be very effective for your body function, but you may have a risk of side-effects. There are two things when you use some supplement.glucosmart A supplement may be absolutely safe for consumption, have mild side-effect(s), or potential side- effect (s). So, the important is how would you choose a supplement that can fit your life routine. Read about variety of supplements on the website of National Nutrition Canada. You may gain lot of knowledge about diversity of supplements that can be safely included in your routine life without risk of potential side-effects. This platform is rather a complete guide for the use of supplements. It also contains A to Z list of supplements that can be used in various situations.

Achieving real objective of supplement buying

The website is a platform of supplements Canada, a knowledge and selling platform where you can know your right supplement and place order based on your actual requirement. When you decide to include a supplement in your diet, you usually have many considerations, but you sometimes skip these considerations due to lack of knowledge about supplements. This loses the worth of supplement buying, but a good platform like the above helps you achieve real objective of buying a supplement and to put it in effective use so that your body can enjoy full advantage of this supplement.

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Top 3 reasons to hire a bankruptcy lawyer

Adversity can strike anyone and it does not care whether you are a rich or a poor person and during these times it is important to manage things accordingly and get over the situation quickly. Managing finances properly is an art and when we fail to do that we may end up in filing bankruptcy and though there are many factors that drive us to file insolvency one must understand that the primary factor is because of their negligence towards handling money properly.

Well, when you file a bankruptcy you must certainly need to take help from an expert like San Diego bankruptcy attorney because these are trained lawyers and they would completely understand all the nitty gritty that is involved when it comes to bankruptcy cases.

Mentioned below are the top reasons to hire San Diego bankruptcy attorney to get your bankruptcy case resolved quickly.

  • Highly qualified professionals

As already mentioned these lawyers would be extremely qualified enough and they would have handled a lot of cases in the past which can help you to a greater extent. You do not have to explain about your situation as they would be able to understand everything the very moment you utter the word bankruptcy.

  • Well-versed with the procedures

Since they would have handled similar cases in the past, they would be well-versed with the procedures that are involved in the court proceedings. They would be able to quickly get you all the documents which require to be filled in order to resolve the case.

  • They are experts in giving advices

Some of the bankruptcy lawyer in san diego is so competent that they would not even drag the case into the court. Instead they would use all their trade techniques and suggest a few ways to sort them out of the court as well.

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Be Honoured as Midshipman and Wear the USNA Class Ring

In the history of naval academy class ring the name of the Naval Academy of United States or USNA deserve special mention. The academy’s most iconic representation is the class ring. While speaking of class ring the name of the museum under US Naval Academy deserves special mention. An elegant display of exquisite rings at the entrance of the said museum garnishes the wall.naval academy class ring

The glorious symbol of the academy:

These rings are actually those precious symbols that are given to the museum authority by the family members of the students after their demise. The year 2013 is very special in the history of navy class ring.  The class that belongs to this year have emerged as the permanent group of graduated students.

These students deserve special mention in wearing the class ring and the incident is a mark in the past 150 years. This chapter in the history of US Naval Academy is a glorious one. It ended with looking at the glimpses of the history of us naval academy class ring. A hymn concerned with navy was also arranged in honour of the fallen graduates by the Men’s Glee Club under Naval Academy.naval academy class ring

The Class Ring and its importance:

The Naval Academy class ring has been a symbol of utmost importance over the years. It signifies an honourable and successful completion of the navy course concerning instruction and receiving a diploma by the Naval Academy.

 To the graduates the classy ring becomes a symbol of devotion and loyalty as well as honour to their duty in accordance with the uppermost tradition of their service thereby answering to the demands of the officers.

 During their second year each student acquires a class ring. This ring was modelled and designed by the Class Ring on the basis of contract. The Crest committee also played a vital role in this regard.

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Know the Potency of CBD Oil

Many people are now aware of the benefits of CBD oil. CBD is a cannabinoid product which is simply oil counterpart found in the cannabis plant. Though people have discovered the health benefits of CBD oil, many still connect it with marijuana and getting high. Only few people known about the deep effect of CBD oil which includes pain relief, reducing inflammation, an antidepressant, and anti-acne. So, keep in mind these things before you buy CBD Oil.

  • THC Concentration in CBD Oil:

if you’re going to be drug tested, running heavy machinery, or doing other jobs of the many, you might not like to have THC concentration more than a bare minimum level. Just to test the original CBD oil you must be well aware that oil should not contains THC more than 0.03%. When you Buy CBD Oils, carefully examine the certification level of not contained THC to avoid the chance of health risk.

  • Know the Potency of CBD Oil:

When you Buy CBD Oil Products, the company’s word of it having free from contamination is just not enough. Having the CBD tested in a third-party accredited laboratory, is the sole solution to ensure the safety, quality, and potency of the product.

  • How is the CBD product extracted?

Extracting CBD oil from the hemp is a complex procedure. The most trusted technique uses carbon dioxide (CO2) under extreme pressure and very low temperatures to take out as much CBD as possible without introducing contaminants.

  • After Sales Accountability:

Buy CBD Oil only from companies providing enough details to trace back. The companies with the unreliable product will be impossible to reach. Before placing your order, try to reach out to the company. If someone answers the call, you’ve definitely found a company that not only takes care of accountability but cares about their customers.

When it’s time to buy the CBD oils, purchasing at cheap rate is not always a wise thing, as these CBD oils has quite high price just because of its extraction process. Hence, never buy CBD Oil of inferior quality as it can cause dangerous hazards to your health.

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How Can You Generate Quick & Massive Wealth from Home?

If you lived in this world half decade ago, making money while sitting in your home was not a possible thing. Today, making money from home has become a reality. There are many ways to make money from home. Agen Judi BolaThere are certain jobs that allow you work from home and make money, but you can’t think of making money quickly and enormously by working from home.

Making quick and massive money from home

The probable way of making quick and massive money is lottery which is known to everyone. Lottery is a low investment and prediction of massive returns by winning a lottery. Online gambling or betting is another way of making quick and massive money. Like lottery, fortune plays a great role in gambling, but your predictive skill and betting experience are also important which you don’t need in a lottery.

Making money from sports betting

Making money from home by quick means is the miracle of internet technology. The Agen Judi Bolaconcept of money transactions was introduced first time on internet. If you are a gambling or betting fan, you can bet on ball sports by joining situs bola online and generate wealth combining your sport knowledge and predictive skill. This is one of the ways that can make you rich overnight and you can pile up enormous wealth without big efforts.

The requirements

You needn’t be an educated person to generate wealth through betting because skills of gambling or betting are entirely different. For online sport betting, you need an internet-enabled computer, having broadband connection of required speed. You are also required to join some sports betting agent site. For instance, if you are interested in betting on football sport, you would need to join Agen Judi Bola site. You would need to make minimum money deposit in your account on the agency site and you can proceed with your betting for unlimited period, provided you have balance in your account to place bets.

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Latest weight loss program

Weight loss

            In the current times, people are very much concerned about their weight and thus weight loss is a major issue. People with heavy weight try each and every thing to reduce their weight. There are number of options which can be used for losing weight. Some of the weight loss programs also have the side effects. A very recent and popular program is the Jenifer Hudson weight loss pills. Jenifer Hudson weight lossIt is considered as the miracle fruit which helps you in losing 23 lbs belly fat in just a span of 1 month and this is the diet plan used by number of celebrities.

Diet report

            A diet report was created by a magazine in order to expose the truth of the weird diet plan. The staff reporter investigated the weight loss solutions which is quite weird and which is gaining popularity in the world. The celebrity diet pills are the garcinia cambogia. Jenifer Hudson weight lossIt is the extract which is been appreciated by millions of people and it is considered as the miracle pill. It can be taken as the supplement for losing weight and it is getting a lot of attention form the time it has featured on show.

            It is found that many people struggled with the daily routine for losing weight and will be finding this new and latest program.  Those people who have already heard about the celebrity weight loss pills are shocked and confused at the same time about how to use , what it is and how to avoid the scams. As number of programs is invented, some of them are scam and people wish that they do not fall for such programs and scams. But it is found that this program is not scam and an effective solution for weight loss.

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Things to Consider before Renting out an Apartment

Life really cost exorbitant in New York. To be more exact, the cost of living in New York is approximately 138.6% of the U.S. average in 2018. So unless you are well-enough, you cannot think of buying an unit in an apartment .If you cannot afford buying an apartment in New York, your solution is probably to lease apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ. Though moving to a new apartment can be challenging and daunting since everything has to be considered so carefully before you take the big step.

However this article will provide you with the better perception of taking a right decision.

What are things you need to know before renting an apartment?

When are looking for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ, there are few things to consider that will enable you to end up as a good decision maker

  • Set up a budget– When you are in an apartment search, you cannot just go and look each and every apartment randomly, instead, you need to set up a budget and make your search within the budget. If you don’t have a budget, then you will forced to end up with a place where you will be paying more and have difficulties with your living.

  • Don’t pay for anything until you see the apartment– While looking for apartments for rent in North Bergen NJ, ensure that you don’t pay any advance or lease amount before you have a look at the place. There are scammers everywhere and these people want to live on other’s money irrespective of the circumstances. So don’t fall prey for these scammers.


After choosing the apartment, read the lease carefully before signing to ensure that there are no hidden charges in it.

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What is Kroger Feedback Survey & How It Can Be Participated?

Kroger is an American retailing company and United States’ largest supermarket chain and the second-largest general retailer that has a motive of customer satisfaction from every perspective. Most people in United States love to shop on Kroger stores because they find it competitive. The quality of products is also good on these stores and prices are reasonable. The Kroger stores have customer-friendly environment that offer good experience of shopping on store. You can buy anything in groceries and daily home need products on Kroger stores. You can sign up for its membership card and enjoy loyalty benefits on all Kroger stores and Kroger gas stations.

How Kroger feedback survey is different

There are many advantages to shop on Kroger stores. Additionally, you can gain from participation in Kroger feedback survey. It is a type of customer satisfaction survey which should be participated online on Most people ignore participation in customer satisfaction surveys because they don’t find any advantage in participation. In most people’s opinion, these surveys are conducted to get positive views of customers. Kroger’s feedback survey is different because this company respects both favoring and against customers. The evidence is rewards offered for participation in the survey for both positive and negative views.

Advantage of participation in Kroger survey

By participation in Kroger feedback survey, you have a chance to win $100 worth grocery gift card. This is not the only reward you can win but you have a chance to win the prize worth of 5000 USD in term of grocery gift cards or Kroger fuel points. Kroger will not disappoint you, even if you are not favoring Kroger. This is very important aspect of this survey. So, you shouldn’t hesitate in expressing your actual views on Kroger products and service. Once you have purchased a product from Kroger store, the receipt will make you eligible for participation. You can even find details on back of the receipt. So, there’s nothing left to think about participation in this survey.

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Networking for Blacks: Black Professionals Network on LinkedIn Vs. Frocentric

Networking is a socioeconomic business activity by which business people and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships. This helps in creation of business opportunities by recognizing people’s abilities, and sharing information and thought among professionals. The big businesses seek potential partners for their business ventures by interaction through networking. Many businesses have their job portals on these networks because these are good platforms for headhunting.

 Black Professionals Network (BPN) on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social media network platform for professional interaction. Look for Black Professionals Network (BPN) on LinkedIn! This is professional training and coaching site of North Miami, Florida. It is a good interactive platform for black professionals in Atlanta and in other states of United States. They can sign up on this professional interactive platform and follow regularly for activities and events. They can upgrade to premium membership to avail more benefits of its membership. This platform offers advantage of interacting with 450+ companies through premium membership.

Frocentric for black professionals

Frocentric is also a good platform for black professionals in Atlanta. This platform is also easy to join without a membership fee and offers access to professional networking events for blacks. It is rather better for blacks, though LinkedIn is more professional. Frocentric is more focus on blacks compared to Linked which has no community specification because professionals from all communities interact through LinkedIn. Frocentric is more centric on blacks. So, it could probably be good for blacks and African-American communities.

LinkedIn vs BPN

Joining on Black Professionals Network (BPN) on LinkedIn offer more advantages of professionalism compared to joining on However, frocentric offers better way to communicate with black community. It won’t be appropriate to say which out of the two is best because both platforms have their own values for blacks. It depends whether someone has a focus on professionalism or community. Both platforms can be tried for benefits of both professionalism and community interaction.

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Era Witnessing The Remarkable Changes

Among various works of IFCJ, some of the actions are worth praise and appreciation for sure. Since different platforms and news agencies have elaborated on the works performed by the responsible mission leaders, which is also evident from the IFCJ reviews published time and again. So that, it gets easier to understand the actual existence of the body. It requires all time consideration and support worthwhile, so that it can keep extending the reach and benefitting the maximum number of people with the continuous approach and determination. That has become the need of the hour.

IFCJ rating has revealed that it has been a famous yet undervalued working mission, which is dedicated for the progression of the maximum number of the children and needy groups of Israel citizens. You cannot even imagine the extent, till which it is offering the manageable necessities and trying to raise the standards and the worth of the community. The best part is that, it is not restricted to the specific group. Is IFCJ a good charity, is not an easy question to be answered by someone who doesn’t have the awareness of the subject matter. Though it is, indeed. That was not even expected, a decade ago by anyone.

The reason behind the IFCJ ratings is that majority of the groups can easily understand, whatever they have been able to offer to the most needed communities all over the country. You could not even imagine the conditions, that always require immediate attention and the support for the betterment of the particular sections of the group on target. Due to the sincere and regular approach, it is being reached at the expected level of living. At least, making them meeting the bare necessities of the life without crying as the destitute.