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Partnership Offers Remarkable Results

Bridging The Gaps

Concept of Brotherhood has been introduced by the founder of IFCJ, Rabbi Eckstein. He stressed on the humanity and the relationship has drawn out of the cordial terms developed. He never talks of intolerance of religious differences, rather condemned the topics always. Since his only aim was to support the survivors, who have been facing the horrific face of life with none of their faults. His daughter, Yael Eckstein has carried on working on the principles laid by her father. In order to ensure the filling of differences, among different communities and making the place a better environment to live for mankind.Yael Eckstein

Unique Ways

Over the reliable and most acknowledged platform of IFCJ, Yael Eckstein has been adopting unique and effective methods to raise the standard of living for the majority of the groups in the quickest possible manner. She follows the methodology of her father, the founder of the organization. That prepares the fellow people to handle any critical situations or accidents, in the most mature and efficient way. Regular training sessions and briefings are being conducted, for the benefit of the workers.Yael Eckstein

Yael Eckstein is acting as a President of the IFCJ, an organization whose net worth is more than $120 million approximately. She has been continuously working to raise awareness and funds through different mediums, for the welfare of the weak and poor people of the society. Through the organization, she has been operating in various countries and expanding the reach very vastly. She is quite educated and one of the scholars, who have a wide knowledge of languages and the teachings of the Bible too. That she utilizes to improve on the conditions of the oppressed and neglected people, in the maximum possible manner. She takes ownership of different Ministry programs and development missions, for the same.