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Places to Visit in Atlanta for Black Professionals

Everyone can say that Atlanta is a place for black professionals and in fact it is often referred to as “Black Mecca”. Although Harlem in New York was called as black mecca in 1920s and 1930s yet many blacks moved into Atlanta, the largest city in Georgia after 1930s.

frocentric.comStudies shows that Atlanta promotes the highest academic, political and financial objectives and accomplishments of black people over the last century. In order to honor their achievements many cultural events such as “Winning at Living: Atlanta”,   “Brunch & Happy Hour: A Boss Babe Series”, “Bgv Pitch X Atlanta” organized by event marketplaces like that helps everyone to learn more about the Black culture.

frocentric.comSome of the places to visit in Atlanta in remembrance of Black history month are

Herndon Home Museum – The Herndon communities were the most prominent black families in the history of Atlanta. The Museum has a really stunning history, Herndon began his life as a slave, had a struggled life and worked very hard as a share-cropper during the civil war and later through his efforts, he opened barber shops at different branches and ultimately founded the Atlanta Life Insurance Company. He is the first black millionaire and still exists.

King Jr Martin Luther Birth home – The birth home of Martin Luther King Jr. turned into a National Historical Park. The place has greater significance because, he helped to change the American history through non-violence approach and brought success to the modern civil rights. This eventually got the Afro American a fair place in the American society

National Center for Civil and Human Rights– The building was converted in to a museum, has significant importance for black professionals because the civil rights movement fought bravely for the equalities of blacks in American society.