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Roberto Casula: the top and most sought-after cardiac surgeon in the United Kingdom

Roberto Casula is one of the top cardiac surgeons in the United Kingdom. He has completed his studies in Padova University Medical School, Italy. He is the most sought-after cardiac surgeon who has completed thousands of cardiac surgeries successfully. In addition to seeing the patients in the UK, he also visits as a visiting consultant in the European countries and have carried out the cardiac operations of the patients in other countries successfully using the latest technology. He is the only doctor who is using robotics in carrying out cardiac surgeries. He performs different kinds of cardiac surgery. Roberto CasulaHe holds a pool of experience in doing complicated surgeries successfully. In addition to surgeries, he also publishes the paper in top publications about robotic enhanced and minimal access surgery. He is the first person to carry out coronary bypass without actually opening the chest of the patient in the year 2002.

This producer took him 135 minutes. Roberto Casula is the best heart transplant surgeon in the world who has carried out his first successful lung transplantation in the year 1987 in Europe and then he was the first person to successfully carry out an infant heart transplant in the United Kingdom in the year 1988. He has post graduated in surgical training from the United Kingdom. He is the first person to carry out heart, lung and liver transplantation in the year 1996. Currently, he is working as a professor of cardiothoracic surgery at UCL. He also has a good experience and efficient enough in safely removing the thick heart muscles non-invasive. The robotic technology used will help to reduce the pain and scars during the operation process. Post-operation, the patient can recover at a brisk pace and start leading the life normally. Using this, the infections and blood transfusion that intimidates patients are also reduced to a greater extent.