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Robotic surgeon – Roberto Casula

Cardiac surgeon

            Roberto casula is the surgeon who has marked his name in the cardio surgery. He is considered as the pioneer of the open heart surgery. After graduating from Padova University, he conducted his first open heart surgery which was remarkable and a great achievement. After that, he conducted 135 surgeries successfully which made a remarkable moment. At present, he is serving at the imperial university in London. He believes to serve his patients with the best service and uses best techniques and equipments. With this, it becomes easy for the patients to recover after surgery.

Leader of minimal access surgery

            Mr. Casula became the leader of the robotic and minimal access surgeon in UK and performed the first bypass without chest opening in 2002. It is ensured that the patients, who require the coronary bypass, are operated without making use of the cardio pulmonary bypass machine. Roberto CasulaInstead of that the off pump or OPCAB technique is been used. It allows the surgery to be considered without stopping heart during surgery. This method reduces the risk of ehart failure and stroke in certain patients. Roberto Casula is the rare of the cardiac surgeons who use this procedure in regular use in UK.

            Mr. Casula is the member of the royal college of surgeons and the member of the different organizations. He is also well known for carrying our research and publications in the robotic and minimal invasive surgery field. The main purpose of this surgery and invention is reducing the risk of heart failure. Moreover, it is ensured that the patients feel less amount of pain. He can perform complex operations and also ensures that the physical and emotional recovery will be soon. He can flawlessly perform difficult surgeries with minimum amount of risk.