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The Building Block Series of IFCJ and Its Journey

In his talk, IFCJ Reviews posted about what Eckstein thinks, believes and sees the past, present and future of the working of his baby foundation, The Fellowship.

Back in 1983, 36 years ago, when the conditions of Jewish people and Israel people were as worse as it stands today, or maybe even worse than the present, the philanthropist and social worker, Rabbi Eckstein founded the organization to put his best foot forward and help them. It was not a singleton approach, rather it was a call for all those noble men, cities and countries who wished to extend their helping hand.IFCJ ratings

Today after almost 3 decade and a half later, the Fellowship or well known to the world as IFCJ is still in its unpaved, dedicated and thriving path of help. It is not a social or political help, the vision and mission over bars the limited definition of help to look high and dream of religious freedom in Israel.

The past years around the globe, especially in places like Israel where Jews have been ill-treated, the organization puts his best efforts to come to the rescue of the needy.

Is IFCJ a good charity? What kind of help does it provide?

IFCJ and its dedicated mechanism strive at bridging the gap between Christians and Jews, hence its name, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. While aiming at the same, it tends to call for help to raise money which is thereafter directed towards helping the latter.

It is not only about providing food to the poor, but working towards securing the homeless, needy, orphans and million other victims. Its program also includes Aliyah which aims at bringing Jews from all over the world back to Israel and help resettling there.IFCJ ratings

IFCJ Ratings

With millions of funds raised every year, from donors and helpers, the Fellowship is quite known for its transparency in work, financial matters, reporting and preparing its Annual Reports. Charity Navigator, in 2018 gave a 3 star review, an 86.5 score out of 100 as the IFCJ Rating.