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The Growing Importance of Class Rings

Ring ceremonies in high schools throughout the country have been a tradition for several years. These are a beautiful souvenir of graduation or other academic accomplishments from the days of university or colleges. Each university has its own significance to mark the importance of class rings.

For instance, Alabama University present class rings to alumni and graduate students to commemorate their 60 hours duration in their program whereas when it comes to naval academy, naval academy class ring signify the successful and honorable completion of the course of instruction.

Tradition and Importance of Class Rings

Class rings are an enduring tradition for most high school and college students. Perhaps, a physical reminder of your hard work and significant achievement you have attained during your education. But what is a class ring?

Class rings are nothing but a piece of jewelry to celebrate your study success irrespective high school or college degree. This is handed over to the students a few weeks before the ceremony to choose the ring, stone, and design that represent themselves and presented during the ring ceremony. For naval students, naval academy class ring is a significant event in honoring the desirable students who have completed the naval academy diploma successfully.

With new designs and materials, these days class rings come in various styles that can truly reflect your personality. Earlier, there were only gold rings, however, now you can choose between gold, silver or camouflage metals. The history of the class rings dates back to 1835. At those times, these rings were presented only for the students of the federal service academy for the United States military. Over the years, it has become a part of all the graduation ceremonies.


Nurture your skills and make yourself desirable to earn the class rings.