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The IFCJ – An Organization of Hope for Jew and Christian

The Jewish charity worker Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein is a well-known name in the USA as well as in Israel. He is popular because of the work he has done for the Jewish community for the past decades. He left the world on 6th February 2019. He left many of his followers in sorrow however everyone who has known him just was him to rest in peace as he has worked very hard throughout his life for the betterment of the Jewish community.

The establishment of the IFCJ is a step towards his goal to make life good and easier for the Jewish community. The IFCJ stands for the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. There are many people who don’t have much knowledge about this organization. In order to know about it or if you have a slight idea it and want to know more about it just skim through the below information.

The Motive or Mission of the organization


This organization is founded by the Rabbi Eckstein in the year 1983. The key motive or mission of this organization is to promote the understanding between Jews and Christians at the same time building board support for Israel. The organization is intended to replace the history of conflict with a relationship marked by respect, dialogue, and cooperation.

The history of helping

Over the years, this organization founded by Yechiel Eckstein has been the leaders in Christian – Jewish relations, constructing bridges of friendliness that can lead to greater cooperation and understanding between members of these great religions.

Rabbi Eckstein was always indulged with IFCJ reviews; the functioning of the organization at the same time is the goodwill ambassador of Israel and the Jewish community.  He will always be remembered as one who wanted to bring harmony and understanding between these two great communities. The organization set up by him will always move forward to achieve his dream.