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The Man Who Took Most Interest in Survival of Nearly Dying BOTM

When a patient is on death-bed, the chance of survival is almost negligible or poor, but hopes of family are kept alive till death is not declared. The same type of situation was faced by the iconic, nine-decade old book club. This is the story of the Book of the Month Club of Manhattan, New York that was nearly dead couple of years ago. The book lovers couldn’t watch this legend dying in front of them. They felt that immediate measure could prevent death of this legend, and they stepped in to give this club a new life. The club that served past two generations, apart from present generation, deserved this life.

Role of Lippmann in BOTM’s survival

One of the book lovers most interested in survival of Book of the Month Club was its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Lippmann, who is an avid reader. His efforts played great role in survival of the Club because he was the man who owns the responsibility of its survival. He had the power to initiate necessary action needed to save the Club and he did whatever he could do.

Lippmann’s approach

God help those who think positive and act positive like John Lippmann. This man had a novel and progressive approach in mind to keep pace with the future. He assessed the situation from the perspective of present-day members. He understood their needs and developed a new set up that was appealing to the present generation because BOTM members are usually young, in 20s, 30s, and early 40s.

The positive results

This is how the approach of John Lippman worked and yielded fruitful results. As a result, the membership of BOTM crossed 100,000 in a span of two years. The social media presence of the Club grew to over 300,000 Instagram followers. The club also announced its first annual Book of the Year Award.