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The Motive of the Organisation International Fellowship of Jews and Christians (IFCJ)

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein founded the international fellowship of Jews and Christians (IFCJ) in 1983. It is a non-profit charitable organisation which targeted in uniting Christians and Jews and in creating aid for the welfare of the people of Israel.

The main motive of the association was to build support for Israel and helping distress Jews all over the world and to maintain a relationship of cooperation and respect. Yechiel Eckstein who left the world at the age of 67 left millions in deep grief.

Importance of Wings of Eagles program under IFCJIFCJ

Is IFCJ a good charity or not we can know from the great initiative they going to carry out in bringing Jews from throughout the world by a program of Wings of Eagles on freedom flights to Israel, the sacred land. Till now thousands of Jews have been transported from post-soviet states to the land of Israel under this comradeship.

They did the immense job by helping out poor, Holocaust survivors and Ethiopian-Israelis in migrating and assisting them with essential needs. In IFCJ reviews they have an overall score and IFCJ rating of 85.68 out of 100 according to 2018.

 Wings of Eagles programIFCJ

His comradeship was successful in arranging immigration of Ukrainian Jews of around 4,000 from Ukraine war. Jew who are facing discrimination and hatred, for them, IFCJ under the program of Wings of Eagles have scheduled on 24th February to bring them back in their homeland, Israel.

The fellowship helped thousands of Jews over the years to get free from poverty, hardships and hatred to return in their homeland and were assisted in living a normal life and aided with essential items. The organization manages to raise $140 million every year majorly from Christians in helping Jews all over the world. The fellowship has a subdivision in Jerusalem, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Seoul and Chicago. IFCJ ratings are always positive.