Cidadede Bocaina
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The New Book of the Month Club Is Aimed At Women Readers

 John Lippman, a media and entertainment figure, has bough majority stakes in Book of the Month club post the launch of Amazon and his approach is opposite to that of Amazon. The club is not aimed at everyone and anyone but at a specific demographic which is the millennial women. The Book of the Month club is ready to define itself as the club for female millennial readers.

Targeting the Women Readers

Book of the Month Club has also released its TV Ad which shows women and their discussions at the centre. The core target of the BOTM is women who are in their 20s or 30s. The club is aimed at books that women love. Apart from John Lippman, their team also comprise of younger women who carefully choose the books that they would like to read. The editorial team closely works with the publishers and they identify the probable books that are to be showcased many months before.

The collection of Books

The books that are showcased include 80% fiction and the rest of the books are non-fiction, memoirs and crime books among others. These are books mostly by women authors and the editorial team includes journalists, bloggers who make selections. The club also gets feedback from their existing members. John Lippman has understood that the women readers don’t just read the classics and the romances; they are also open to angry and harsh subjects.

The culture towards literary involvement is very old and the Book of the Month Club has been contributing to it since 1926, the year of its launch. The members of the book club are very emotional and look forward to inspiring stories. This has indeed increased the spirit of the team at BOTM who now work even harder to give the readers what they want.