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The Previous Role of John Lippmann was Commendable

John Lippman is the CEO of “Book of the Month” and has been instrumental in the success of the organization due to his constant endeavors. The hardworking CEO has put in his skills, experience, and expertise behind the organization due to which it has been a roaring success story. However, it is not as if the subscription commerce company is his first venture in this field. Earlier too, he was associated with a literary business and that also must have helped him a lot in his current role.John Lippmann

It is a well-established fact that subscription businesses can be really daunting and at times can get the best out of a person, more so when it has to do with literary options! Therefore, we must take a look here at his earlier duties to get a sense of how John Lippman is able to cope up and lead the business so efficiently.

  • A stint with Bookspan, LLC must have been helpful – John Lippman was a Manager with Bookspan, LLC prior to the present role. As the name suggests, it is also a literary business house where the professional used his skills to restructure the business. Some highly distressed holdings of the company including Columbia House were acquired and restructured so that the business could be given a new lease of life. New brands were launched here along with reducing the overheads by about 80 percent.

The company also ventured into e-commerce under his advice that paid dividends. He also helped in forming new teams for reaching the company goals.

  • Seeing through mergers and acquisitions can be relieving – Acquisitions and mergers can be nerve-wracking and at times, can be quite challenging. The professional has gone through the grind and that must have certainly helped to further his experience and maneuvering skills. That experience will come in handy for him in his future roles, including the one he helms at present. The Bookpan, LLC experience will stand him in good stead for a long time.

The previous assignment of the present CEO of “Book of the Month” must have been quite relieving.