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The Story of Can be Quite Inspiring

For all the millennials who look forward to the US for realizing their dreams, there is a lesson from the co-founders of, Yatin Patel and Mahesh Chaddah. Both of them migrated to the country and were first generation innovators after completing their studies. Reservations.comThere were not a lot of resources at their disposal when they initially started out. With their sheer grit and tact, they made things work in their favor so that the website emerged as a successful venture within a very short time. It speaks a lot of their determination, hard work as well as the motivational skills that have redefined the business. Looking at the following facts from their lives, one can see that there was not much initially with them.

  • Both of them came at about the same time – Both the co-founders came round about the same time to the US, during the mid-1990s. Reservations.comWhile Yatin came to the country looking to make his mark, Chaddah got enrolled in Dallas, Texas, to complete his Master’s degree in Computer Science. However, apart from that, there was not much clarity on the future. In fact, Mahesh adds that there was no plan ahead of him after he would complete the course. However, both of them knew that there was something that was ought to be done within the country!
  • There was not much finance or any other help – One thing that is very similar to both of them is the fact that they did not have ample resource to play with. Both of them came to the country with limited means and that meant that they had to fire somewhere, somehow. This kept them on their toes at all times and when they finally decided for this venture, it clicked and clicked very big time.

The story of this venture can be quite awe-inspiring for every millennial who comes to the US with determination and big dreams in their eyes.