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The Untamed Potential Of Hospitality And Travel Industry Needs Careful Handling.  

The potential of hospitality and travel industry:

The travel and hospitality industry is one of those industries who have a steady influx of cash in spite of recession hitting the market a few years back. The market experts across the globe believe that the particular industry is yet to reach its potential and far from its saturation point. As a result, several business-minded people wanted to exploit the industry and make a fortune out of it.

Reservations.comThe flooding of sites with sub-standard service quality:

The hospitality and travel industry is a customer-oriented industry where several unsatisfied customers can severely damage the prospect of a particular region. The increased number of hotel booking websites with their poor service quality was efficiently doing the job of ruining the industry across the world. These profit-oriented group of businessmen neglected customer satisfaction to such a point that a report in the USA stated that people are losing a good amount of money every year while booking a hotel or taking a car rental due to poor service quality.

Reservations.comThe is one of those few websites who started looking at the industry from a customer’s point of view instead of from profit-making company’s point of view. The company started its journey in 2014 under the leadership of Yatin Patel found the primary cause of customer un-satisfaction. They believed due to the lack of proper information; people often end up canceling their booking as they did not get the service which they initially expected.

The improved service quality of the website in question:

This particular site promised their client with sufficient accurate information so that they can make an informed decision while booking and as a result, within a very short time their profit soared sky high along with a broad base of happy customers. The booking site not only provides hotel booking but car rental booking service as well. The cancelation policy of the site is quite good making it easier for their client to cancel the booking due to some unavoidable circumstances.