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What are the program activities done by IFCJ?

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is the non-profit organization that is promoting better understanding between the Christians and Jews globally and is giving ample support to the Christians who are residing in Israel. This is the non-profit organization that is gaining a huge popularity in the charity world.

IFCJ reviewsHowever, prior to donating any amount, you would need to read the IFCJ reviews given by the donors to this charity. This will let you to gain clear insights about the charity. These IFCJ reviews will let you decide on whether or not to go and donate to them. It accepts donations from the Christians globally. This charitable organization was founded in the year 1983. This organization would be collecting funds through fundraising events. They use 65% of the funds to carry out program activities and less than 35% of the funds in conducting fundraising events and overhead expenses.

These people will let the donors know how they are spending the money on the things that matter the most. They also publish the annual report on the website to maintain high transparency and accountability. These people give better ratings by the watchdog sites for being efficient and transparent.

IFCJ reviewsThe donors who donate money to this non-profit organization would also get tax exemption. This is a win-win for both the charitable organization and the donors. These people will be educating the Jews and Christians about each other’s value. They use the funds to distribute hot meals, medicine and clothing to the elderly and children who are the victims of wars and terrorism attacks. In addition, they offer aid to the Israeli soldiers and also deliver training to the immigrants of Israelis to let them settle in this place. As per IFCJ reviews, these people also try hard to solve the disputes between the Christian and Jewish community. These people are also fighting against Semitism.