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What Is IFCJ And Why Is IFCJ Rating Important?

IFCJ is a charitable organization whose full name is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. It was founded in the year 1983 by Yechiel Eckstein. Its main agenda is to help the poor and needy Jews in Israel and all over the world to get a better life and make their own living. IFCJ has its headquarters in Chicago and Jerusalem.Is IFCJ a good charity

The different programs carried out by IFCJ.

The organization carries out different programs to help the Jews get a better life. A good IFCJ reviews is very helpful for the organization so that it can uninterruptedly carry out these programs:

  • Guardians of Israel:

Through this program, IFCJ helps the extremely poor citizens of Israel by providing them the basic needs to survive.

  • On Wings of Eagles:

IFCJ helps the poor Jews in 25 different countries to resettle back in their own motherland. Back in Israel they are provided with every basic need and helped to make a living of their own.

  • Isaiah 58:

IFCJ runs this program to help the aged Jews and orphans in the former Soviet Union to fight poverty and harsh conditions.

  • Stand for Israel:

The main motive behind this program is to constantly keep people updated via social media about the various incidents that are affecting Israel and the relation between the US and Israel.Is IFCJ a good charity

How are IFCJ ratings important?

There are various independent websites that provide IFCJ ratings. These ratings are directly responsible towards the funds raised by the charitable organization.

The websites assess the charities and give them ratings. A good IFCJ rating will surely attract more potential donors.

IFCJ always had good ratings from various websites. It always values the donors who are contributing towards the noble cause. IFCJ always maintains a transparent relationship with its donors. So if the question comes that is IFCJ a good charity to donate then one can safely conclude yes.