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Which Is Better for Wider applications – Steel or Titanium?

Do you know that out of 118 so far identified in and positioned in the Periodic Table, more than 80% are metals? These metals are classified in different categories such as ferrous or non-ferrous metals, ingots or sintered metals, light metals or heavy metals. Most metals are used in industrial and many other applications. There has been continued research on the value of these metals in various applications. Some applications replace other metals or combine with other metals to create alloys to make them apt for various applications.  The most important factor to decide use of metals is their chemical properties.titanium tubing

In what aspects, titanium is unparalleled

Titanium is classified as non-ferrous metals and light metals. Titanium is one metal which is known for its superior characteristics or properties. This superiority is found in the versatility of this metal in meeting requirements of many industries. Titanium is a most suitable metal from various perspectives and is appropriate for most environments. This metal is unparalleled in toughness, strength, high melting point and that’s why titanium tubing proves high performance in many applications. The applications such as subsea equipment, offshore drilling rig components, marine and chemical processing plants, aircraft hydraulic systems, and medical implants that use titanium tube yield high-performing results.

titanium tubing

Which metal is superior: Ferrous or non-ferrous?

Due to better tensile strength over ferrous metals such as steel, titanium is superior for high quality tubing products. Ti tube is far more than superior, strong and lighter compared to a steel tube, and is less corrosive too. Titanium is resistant to corrosiveness caused by aqua regia, sea water and chlorine, but a steel can cause corrosion soon after coming in contact with these liquids. Thus, titanium tubes are suitable for water-based applications. Titanium is resistant to heat also and has high melting point, and can sustain high temperatures. Titanium is even better than steel alloys.