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Why Has IFCJ Become Famous As A Charitable Organization?

In the internationalground, IFCJ is a name connectedstrongly with the serving of the poor Israelis and the development of the bondbetween the Christian and the Jewish societies. In spite of having its chiefcenter in Chicago, the organizationhas an immensereputation in numerous Asian, European, and Latin American countries also. The causes of such enormousfame are:

Is IFCJ a good charity


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews was founded in 1983 with the intention of taking onhumanitarianventures in support of the Jewish group of people and toencouragea friendly bond among the Christians and Jews.

As confirmed by one of the IFCJ reviews, it was the plan of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the leader and originator of the institute, to reduce the longstandingantagonism between these two communities and fetch a positiveshift in their relationship. The majorfocal point of the assembly was the politically muddled Israel and the basis for which the IFCJ ratings have forever been excellent is that they pursue a mission of serving the poor and vulnerablepopulation of this nation.


Is IFCJ a good charity

Differentfrom several other religious liberalgroups, the Fellowship does not deliver wordy speeches but implements practicalstrategies to help the needy. Missions like Guardians of Israel, On Wings of Eagles, Isaiah 58, Stand for Israel, and more were triumphant in their anticipatedtasks and collectively they were helpful in attaining a first-classIFCJ rating. People who are provided with their services mainly include:

  • Economically backward
  • War-sufferers
  • Refugees
  • Underprivileged Jews
  • Agedcitizens

Due to these reasons, if one explores “is IFCJ a good charity” on the internet, it is expected that he/she will get basically positive answers.

If you are willing to know more about the organization, please visit their official website now.